Workplace Policy

To support a whole of organisation approach ACEOC suggests beginning with a policy to support any training and awareness raising initiatives.

This visibly demonstrates to employees that the organisation is committed to this issue in the workplace. It demonstrates the practical support offered as well as communicating that they care about their employee’s health and well being.

Our experienced team will take you through getting your workplace policy compliant with the Fair Work Act.

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Specifically, we will provide you with a workplace policy that draws on the most up-to-date ‘best practice’ from Australia and internationally. It covers everything from statement of purpose, definitions, confidentiality, general measures, individual support, and responses to employees concerned about colleagues as well as responses to employees who use violence. We also provide specialist training for your HR and managerial staff in how to apply the policy to support employees affected by domestic violence.

This is a must do for every organisation and Australia's CEO Challenge makes it easy for you. For more information regarding Workplace Policy contact us via the form below or call (07) 3119 6347.