Shan Corrigan


My primary study interests are working with young people and changing men’s unhelpful behaviours.I’m thoroughly enjoying my time at Australia’s CEO Challenge. I have really taken to assisting with DFV campaigns, supporting the development of resources, training modules, evaluation and immersing myself in the DFV field.

It is crucial for me to identify societal norms that perpetuate destructive family environments and address this at a systemic level through my work with ACEOC. It is also important to me to engage in frontline work through men’s behaviour change programs so I can enhance my direct practice skills. I can draw upon this experience to enhance my theoretical understandings and students’ learnings to become a social work practitioner.

It’s important for me to combine social work’s commitment to human rights with my writing and listening skills.

Outside of work, I am a passionate musician who is engaged with the local Brisbane music community.