Jacque Lachmund


I’m proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of Australia’s CEO Challenge at such an important time. Right now we are in the middle of a domestic violence epidemic where our communities and workplaces can make a real difference.

I believe that workplaces have a vital role to play in supporting our vision of a world without violence. Only by working together, can we make a difference. My role in this organisation is to lead a team of professionals who campaign and inspire workplaces to be responsive to those affected by domestic and family violence.

Before joining Australia’s CEO Challenge I spent five years working at Chisholm Women’s Refuge, an organisation that provides crisis accommodation and domestic violence support. In 2014, I was appointed Chairperson of the Combined Woman’s Refuge Group of Queensland.

Having worked in the sector I saw the impact of domestic violence on women and children. One of my goals as CEO is to ensure that we continue to develop and strengthen our ties with those front line services.

I believe that only through the combined and respectful effort of communities, workplaces, men, women and children can change occur.

I know from personal experience that workplaces can save and transform lives. I come to work each day because I believe everyone deserves to feel safe and my role can help make that happen.