Heather Ellis


I’ve recently joined the team at Australia’s CEO challenge as a workplace trainer. I have a background in the facilitating training, education and therapeutic work in the domestic violence sector.

I’m excited to be working with Australia’s CEO Challenge in the business community. Being part of this team gives me a great opportunity to use my experience in implementing human rights based approaches to address family violence in the workplace.

I’m very focused on bring about community change in the areas of family and domestic violence, sexual assault and child protection. I love working with communities, for me it’s a great opportunity to use my creativity to deliver fun and empowering learning to people of all ages. I’ve had the privilege of training and educating professionals and community members from a range of diverse backgrounds.

My journey in the communities sector started sixteen years ago when I left the land as a Primary Producer. I’m a qualified Social Worker trained at the University of Queensland. My main passion is developing collaborative initiatives that promote safety and build a sense of belonging in our communities.

When I’m not designing workshops, facilitating sessions or growing rural leadership, I love my yoga, futsal and anything that helps me connect with nature.

Volunteer Information

  • Workplace Trainer
  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work
  • English
  • Social Work
  • Yoga & Futsal