Domestic Violence affects many employees


Domestic Violence affects many employees

Research shows that 1 in 3 women in Australia (34%) experience violence and abuse in their relationship at some time in their life. At least 3 million people are affected by domestic violence at work right now. This does not include family and friends who may be supporting people affected by violence.

In a 2010 study a quarter of victims reported the domestic violence continued at the workplace through abusive calls and emails, or their partner turning up, placing both the victim and other staff at risk of injury or harm. In the USA, ninety-four percent of corporate security directors surveyed rank domestic violence as a high security problem at their company.

Employers have obligations under workplace health and safety to reduce the risk of violence. If they fail to protect their employees from violence at work they may be liable for criminal and civil proceedings. Further, people affected by domestic violence are more likely to be distracted from basic safety procedures at work, leading to increased risk of workplace accidents and injuries. In one US study of perpetrators, 48% said they had difficulty concentrating at work, with 1 in 5 reporting a workplace accident or near miss due to their preoccupation with their relationship.

We are challenging all businesses to make a stand against this silent epidemic. Safety makes good business sense.

Raise awareness

Display education materials about domestic and family violence, and details of where victims and perpetrators can get help.
Get a team together and take part in the Darkness to Daylight Challenge.
Include domestic and family violence training in your training schedule.
Email us to act now!

Read all 8 reasons on why your workplace should take action with us today!

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