Challenge Zero

Together we contribute to zero incidences of domestic violence by being responsive workplaces

A formal partnership between Australia’s CEO Challenge (ACEOC) and the Queensland Government has resulted in a business campaign called Challenge Zero. It invites businesses to step up, take action and to become part of a ‘whole of community’ solution in addressing domestic and family violence.

Challenge Zero provides a framework for businesses and industry, so that together we can contribute to zero incidences of domestic and family violence by creating responsive workplaces.

People affected by or who use violence are in our workplaces.  They are our co-workers, employees or customers. By implementing a strategy your business can reduce cost, improve performance, transform lives and bring about real change in your workplace and community.

Our proven Workplace Prevention Program is a major component of Challenge Zero, designed to help businesses support staff impacted by domestic violence.

Membership based organisations, Government agencies, Business and Industry can play a significant role in reducing the impact of domestic violence in our community by making a public commitment and implementing an integrated workplace strategy.

Our workplace maturity model allows you to assess your current organisation position and develop workplace strategies to ensure that your policies and procedures have you operating at the best maturity level around Compliance, Capability, Culture, Commitment and Community Connection.

In addition to our workplace strategies, we also create partnerships between your organisation and local domestic violence services, that enable your staff to experience the power of contributing to the wellbeing of people in need, as well as increasing awareness and understanding of the issue.

Driving social change includes more than your own workplace’s commitment to act and implement tools, it’s also about inspiring others to act too.

Challenge Zero gives you the avenue to contribute to the shared goal of ending domestic violence, by becoming active partners and leaders of change.

Australia's CEO Challenge would like to highlight and acknowlege the commitment of Redland City Council as the first organisation to join Challenge Zero. 

Champion action in your workplace by encouraging them to sign up to Challenge Zero. Speak with your CEO or head of HR about the importance of Challenge Zero and the positive impact it can make in your workplace and the wider community.

Contact us today for more information on signing up as a Challenge Zero Partner