• Workplace Training

    Our Domestic and Family Violence Training Program provides the tools an organisation needs to Recognise, Respond and Refer those employees experiencing/impacted by domestic and family violence.

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  • Workplace Partnerships

    Your business can take an active role in supporting a local domestic violence service. Most are seriously under funded and struggle to provide the type of support women and children need to recover from their trauma.

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  • Workplace Policy

    We can help your organisation develop a Domestic and Family Violence specific policy, that draws on 'best practice' from Australia and internationally.

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Darkness to Daylight Challenge

Darkness to Daylight Challenge 2017

Darkness to Daylight is a unique, symbolic and positive way for your workplace to come together, challenging your staff to rally together to fundraise, raise awareness and compete in the event as a team. All funds raised by ACEOC, through the Darkness to Daylight Challenge goes towards continuing the prevention of domestic violence through workplace and community partnerships and awareness raising activities.

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Meet our Team

  • jacque-lachmund

    Jacque Lachmund


    I’m proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of Australia’s CEO Challenge at such an important time. Right...

  • matt-pronger

    Matt Pronger


    Trained as a social worker I’m focused on changing men’s behaviours and promoting healthy relationships. My interest is in...

  • heather-ellis

    Heather Ellis


    I’ve recently joined the team at Australia’s CEO challenge as a workplace trainer. I have a background in...

  • angelica-gapusan

    Angelica Gapusan


    Angelica entered the finance industry as soon as she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in the Philippines,...

  • 85000 trained
  • 39 workplaces
  • 28000 $ donations
  • 1500 D2D runners

Why you should work with us

Right now Australia is in the middle of a domestic violence epidemic.

Working with us is your opportunity to help make our communities safe places to live and work.

We’re your workplace partner against domestic violence.

Partnering with Australian businesses since 2001 we deliver high quality workplace training that helps businesses support families in the workplace who are affected by domestic violence.

Our training empowers your employees to recognise the signs of domestic violence, respond appropriately and refer people to professionals who can help.

Partnering your business with Australia’s CEO Challenge will transform lives and bring about real change in your workplace and community.

Start making a difference today by violence proofing your workplace.


  • Yesterday we had Matt Pronger from our long-term partners, Australia's CEO Challenge, provide our leaders with an insightful and thought provoking session on how to recognise, respond and refer to DFV.

    Sucheta Gorolay

    Sucheta Gorolay

    Organisational Development Consultant at MinterEllison
  • "I grew up in a loving family and I don’t think any child should be exposed to DV. Australia’s CEO Challenge is a great initiative and I can’t think of a more worthy cause to throw my support behind.”

    Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

    Vice-President Government Optus
  • "This year I am representing the Queensland public sector in Australia’s CEO Challenge Race for 2016 to help end violence in our homes and workplaces. I want to give this issue the prominence it deserves in the broader community.”

    Neil Scales

    Neil Scales

    Director-General Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • “A difficult and confronting subject presented extremely well.”


  • “Excellent quality of training. Far exceeds training sessions we have participated in in the past. Thank you CEO Challenge.”

    Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services

  • “The training was an excellent method of bringing these issues and support mechanisms into the open for consideration.”


  • “Wendy was very engaging and owned the content. Great trainer and great session.”

    Department of Communities, Child Safety & Disability Services

  • “Loved Wendy’s energy during the training session. We need more training from Australia’s CEO Challenge, so valuable and engaging”


  • “Such an informing training session. I was shocked by the statistics but it definitely made me more aware of the issue.”

    Tourism & Events Queensland

  • “The best training session I have ever been involved in. It was very interactive but I think we definitely gained knowledge and understanding. I loved it.”

    Tourism & Events Queensland